Flight training

2021    Private Pilot License [PPL] Student
              76.5 hrs [total hours], 11 hrs [PIC], 4.7 hrs [night]
              Spin Awareness Training and Basic Aerobatic/Upset training [Super Decathlon]
              Glider Rating in-process [Schweizer SGS 2-33A/Schleicher ASK 21]
2022   Helicopter Private Pilot add-on rating Student

Aviation Projects

Flying Objects Project(s) [2020-ongoing]
AR/VR Software Prototype(s) [2020-ongoing]
notation(s) for mobile isolation pod(s) [and/or Flying Objects] [July 2020]
ND Time Bandits: Co-Adventures in Reshaping Time [July 2021]
Mission Control [In-Development | 2022-ongoing]
Flight Training Study Guide and AR/VR expansion [Prototype phase] [2021-ongoing]

Flight Training Fundraiser

please see my gofundme HERE

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