We are an open collective of artists, magicians, activists, hackers, academics, psychokinetics, witches, scientists, healers, empaths, thieves, chemists, archivists, gamers, freaks, friends, allies, and enemies (aka Superheroes and Scroogers). The Revolution School meets fortnightly to process, inspire, support, and facilitate actualizing projects to embody and animate The Two Principles of The Revolution:

  • Always* operate from a place of abundance**
  • Always choose the most expansive*** route

* Always means pertaining to any manner of actions that can be deemed revolutionary.
** Abundance is knowing you are enough for the mere fact that you exist.
*** Expansive is reaching beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital.

We believe the primary reason someone holds onto power and resources is because of unacknowledged, unprocessed, and unloved trauma. A Scrooger is someone who actively befriends their traumas and, therefore, can have expansive relationships with another person’s traumas. A Superhero is someone who actively offers alternatives to carceral-based institutional apparatuses that have become naturalized.

members/collaborators: Jennifer Moon (founder), Clara Philbrick, Cedric Tai, Sara Barnett, Jessie Closson, Nikki Luna Paz,
Kristen Mitchell, Devin Alejandro-Wilder, Rino Kodama...


Creative Capital 2022 Awardee. More info see Creative Capital website HERE


My Little BEI: Robotic  Animal Familiar. [in-development]. Los Angeles, CA & virtual.


AUGUST 28 2021: SCROOGING FOR KIDS. workshop. 18th St. Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. More Info: HERE
ND TIME BANDITS: CO-ADVENTURES IN RESHAPING TIME. We Rise Project. Curated by Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA), in collaboration with Los Angeles Mental Health. LACMA, Los Angeles, CA. Access the expanded time-based website (originally accessed via QR code on poster) HERE.


ND Time Bandits Time Machine originally accessed via QR code on poster exhibited at LACMA. view HERE. (image: website/video still).


Exhibited in mid 2020, ND Time Bandits: Co-Adventures in Reshaping Time, as part of the collaborative The Revolution School [curated by the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health] developed a project to discuss neurodiversity and their relation time...via a Time Machine!

Expanding from a curiosity in the construction of an aircraft's engine, The Revolution School members individual designed an interpretation*** of the parts and functions of an aircraft engine in the construction of their Time Machine. Accessible via a poster, it expanded into a documentary narrative film of the 3-dimensional rendering of our time machine superimposed within the space of LACMA. [The piece is in the process of being developed into an AR expansion.] 

Parts include:

sparks (by Kristy)
Although invisible, we know the approximate location of Sparks of Abundance by clusters of life forms materializing around them. Plants, and occasionally animals, protect sparks and are entirely sustained by them. Sparks are a natural phenomenon of energy, made of hope combined with love.

carburetor (by Jessie)
Internal combustion caused by the combination of capitalist systems of time and regulations of bodies. This co-produces trauma that prompts us to perpetuate the very systems that are oppressing us. Trauma from entanglements of time, systems, and bodies.

gears (by Nicki)
We do not experience the same time the same way, and times does not treat us all the same. The way we experience time is further diffracted by power impacting our bodies differently via race, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, class, nation, health, body, etc.

ignition (by Sara)
Abundance ignites an embrace of difference, specifically the infinite variations in neurodiversity that shake the foundations of systems regulating time and bodies.

avionics I (by Cedric & Jennifer)
Neurodiverse Time / Crip Time / Polychronic Cultures / Verbing

avionics II (by Clara)
Neurotypical time / Chronormaticity / Monochronic Cultures / Nouning

....see more projects by The Revolution School collaborative in Collaboration(s).

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