[project(s) for] flying objects

[projects for] flying objects  is a ongoing projects for pilots and their aircraft (i.e. flying objects).

Closson is in the process of acquiring their Private Pilot License certificate.  

Flying Objects [a simulation]

a (in-process) simulation of the maneuvers of flight.

These simulations will be enveloped into an augmented reality (AR) immersive application and expanded into physical interactive programmable objects (via Raspberry Pi)  for flight training. 

[choreography for] flying objects, 'Ground Maneuvers'

Ground maneuvering is an excerpt from a series of movement studies that dissects the practice of embedded flight maneuvers in one's body memory and maneuvering space in contemporary conditions. When learning how to fly one is encouraged to ‘chair fly’ on the off-days of flying to acquire a body memory of the sequence of maneuvers. This is the non-chair version. 

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