jellyfish nebula, a film (2020)

In-process: Pre-Production 

Production: mid 2019

Release: early 2020

“Jellyfish Nebula” illustrates the distance between personal spaces, internalized spaces and physical space, or outerspace. It emerged from a focus on the duality of radio broadcast, and self-isolation.

"Jellyfish Nebula" tells the story of Nerve and Lilia. Nerve is a seaman and Lilia is an astronaut. Both live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 425 North Nebula street. Nerve lives in apartment twenty-two, on the sixth floor and Lilia live in apartment sixteen, on the fourth floor. Despite their proximity to each other, they have never met. Nerve broadcasts a radio program, Deep Sea Radio, from his apartment of which Lilia listens to in the evenings. Throughout the story, Lilia calls into the radio show to speak with Nerve. Conflict arises when Lilia and Nerve begin to question space, and dialogue. Both characters are forced to confront the reasoning behind their self-isolation. The story ends when Lilia makes a decision to leave her apartment.

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