Sok, a film.

Sourced from a short story, Sok, initially was written to study the behaviors of a woman, Emilia Aalto, who pitches her tent inside the back of her 1968 Ford Escort. The story follows her and her partner, Danny Landvik, traveling throughout Iceland examining the nomadic condition. Throughout the film Danny (ghostingly) disappears until in the last scene Emilia wakes up to their absence. In an underlying narrative the film dissects the double negative absence of a non-binary body in a societal structure that negates its existence.

The film will be shot and finished in 16mm around 16 minutes in length projected in the cinema with the potential of being installed as a multi-looped film in an exhibition space. Presently, 2 minutes of the film is completed. Film trailer coming soon!

Current Progress: Pre-Production


Nov. - Dec. 2018: Pre-production

Jan. to mid-Feb: Production

mid-Feb-April: Post-production

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